IELTS Writing(PART1)



fall drop go down downturn

downward trend reach a low decrease

decline be reduced sag

sink descend dwindle

peter out(逐渐消失) dip(小降)

plunge plummet collapse slump ——猛降


rise reach a high upward trend

increase climb grow

ascend mount(up) shoot up

soar surge skyrocket ——猛增


keep unchanging stay the same remain fixed

remain stable keep constant

level off/out at stabilise around remain static

reach a plateau(上升后持平) stagnate


level-off stabilisation stagnate


fluctuate surge and subside undulate

increase in fits and starts erratic changes

turbulent changes


reach the peak of peak up at arrive at the top

crest culminate hit the prime at (碰撞素数?doge)

culmination pinnacle acme zenith


drop to the valley drop to the bottom reach the lowest point

bottom out at go down to the trough reach a low of



steep sharp dramatic considerable

drastic substantial overwhelming

noticeable striking precipitous(一般指下降快)

grow/drop by a whopping__

stable steady gradual

smooth moderate modest

slight slow gentle mild marginal


start from begin with finish at end with


gain speed speed up slow down lose speed


The population of female smokers only rose by 1%

The population of female smokers rose by a negligible 1%

The difference was getting smaller.

The disparity was diminishing.

People of all education backgrounds had a pay-rise.

There was a pay-rise across the board.

since 1940= starting from 1940

from 1940 onwards

The higher the education levels were, the higher the incomes were.

The education levels were in positive correlation with the incomes.

The education levels were proportionate to the incomes.

成反比就是be in negative correlation with be in inverse

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