IELT Writing(PART 2)





In the past few decades,the economy in China developed fast and makes people life better and better.


1.The past few decades witnessed fast development in the economy of China,which makes people’s life better and better.

2.As a consequence of the fast development of the Chinese economy,people’s life becomes better and better.

3.People’s life becomes better and better,resulting/benefiting from the fast development of our economy in the past few decades.



better fast go


During the last few decades,the Chinese economy forged headlong,which boosted people’s life. ,development - > at an accelerated rate,at a staggering rate,

forge headlong,be turbocharged,by leaps and bounds,burgeon(发芽,迅速成长),augment

2.lead to,cause - > be responsible for ,result in ,bring about,bring forth,be a source of,give rise to

3.come from,be because of - > result from ,root in ,originate in ,stem from ,derive from ,be ascribed to ,be attributable to ,be evoked by the development of - > fuel up ,propel/be a propeller to ,be a driving force to ,expedite the development of ,catalyze the development of

5.benefit sth. - > reap benefit from ,rake in benefit ,be beneficiary of ,have beneficent effects on ,play a positive role ,exert positive implications on ,impose positive influences on ,bring about positive outcomes ,be advantageous to ,induce advantages ,involve/entail/present benefits be helpful to - > be conducive to ,conduce to ,facilitate ,contribute to ,be instrumental to ,render service to ,render assistance to

7.improve,boost - > exalt ,augment ,enhance harm to,be harmful to - > be detrimental to ,be to the detriment of ,be a jeopardy to/jeopardize ,be a hazard to/be hazardous to ,inflict harm(loss,damage) on ,take heavy tolls on ,pose threat(risks) to ,make problems crop up for ,give rise to problems in ,arouse problems in ,exert adverse influences on ,be of maleficent effects on ,bring forth negative outcomes in ,play a negative role harmed by - > be victimized by ,be undermined by ,be impaired by ,fall prey to ,pay a heavy price to ,be under the threat from

10.make sth. worse - > intensify the problem ,make the problem of sth. loom large ,make sth. go from bad to worse ,worsen the case of ,exacerbate sth.

11.provide - > afford ,offer ,furnish ,equip sb. with ,make sth. come to one’s avail

12.produce - > generate ,incubate ,spawn ,engender ,bring sth. into existence

13.make efforts to do sth. - > strive to ,endeavour to ,do one’s utmost to ,exert oneself to ,make strenuous efforts to ,work assiduously to , make every attempt to

14.think,feel - > reckon ,contend ,assert ,opine ,deem ,be of the opinion that ,harbour the view that

15.agree - > assent to the view that ,subscribe to the view that ,be convinced that ,consent ,approve , acknowledge

16.disagree - > disapprove ,dissent ,oppose to ,negate ,question if ,doubt if ,take issue with the view that ,be not convinced by the view that

17.too many too much - > excessive ,exorbitant ,superfluous

18.more and more - > progressively ,gain pace/scale/speed ,ever increasing levels of

19.busy - > be tied up with sth. ,bustle about doing sth. ,be fully scheduled ,juggle with sth.

  1. be related to ,be linked to ,be connected to - > be associated with ,have associations with ,be relevant to ,bear on sth. ,pertain to

21.maybe - > tend to ,be liable to ,be prone to ,chances are that ,odds are that

22.should , ought to - > advisable ,desirable ,laudable ,justifiable ,reasonable

23.should not - > unreasonable ,unadvisable…

24.important ,significant - > be crucial to ,be critical to ,be vital to ,be requisite to ,be prerequisite to ,be key to ,be of paramount importance ,be pivotal to ,play an unmatched role in ,play a starring role in

25.necessary - > be a necessity to ,be an integral part of ,be a constituent part of ,be indispensible to

26.enough,lack - > ample ,adequate ,sufficient ,plentiful

  1. and - > combined with , couple with ,plus ,in combination with

28.some ,several - > multiple ,a collection of ,a chain of , a couple of

29.many - > a legion of ,sth. are legion ,a multitude of ,numerous ,quantities of ,a plethora of

30.various - > multifarious ,multifaceted ,manifold ,multifold ,assorted ,miscellaneous phrase: a wide range of ,a myraid of ,a diversity of

31.convenient , - > there is no hassle for sb. to ,it entailed no trouble for sb. to inconvenient - > …

32.good - > proper ,appropriate ,favorable ,desirable

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